Wimbledon 2017: Men’s Quarterfinals

Wimbledon 2017: Men’s Quarterfinals

Every once in awhile, Brad Gilbert makes me laugh.  I love  his nickname for Sam Querrey, “Yosemite Sam.”  Hilarious.

Did anyone give Sam a chance against the defending champion, Andy Murray?  It was obvious from the very first set that Murray was hurt.  He gave a tremendous effort to take it to 5 sets, but had nothing left to give in the last set.  Credit to Sam, he played another match of his life and now finds himself into the semis at Wimbledon.  He’d never even played on Centre Court before today and had to visit it with his coach Craig Boynton just to get the feel of it.

Gilles Muller could not continue his incredible Cinderella run and lost Maron Cilic today.  No one in the booth gave him much of a chance.  “His legs are shot after his marathon match against Nadal.”  “He can’t possibly keep up this high level pf excellence.”  Blah, blah, blah.  I would have loved for him to beat Marion Cilic just to shut them up.

Have you ever listened to Milos Raonic?  He is thoughtful and mature.  Unfortunately he was unable to give Roger Federer a run for his money because Fed is that good.  He is playing in the zone and will be hard to beat.

Novak Djokovic.  I don’t know what to say about him.  He is quickly becoming, if not already is, an enigma.  How does one go from the pinnacle of the game, to struggling to get to the second week of Slams?  Rumors swirl around him that his personal life is a mess; his wife left him last year at Wimbledon after finding out that he cheated on her, yet she was court side at the US Open.  The commentators have alluded to it, but no one is saying anything.  It’s unusual that the analysts remain quite about any dirt they might have, so we are left to wonder what gives.

Unfortunately, Novak was unable to finish the match against Tomas Berdych.  After his right arm was worked on by the trainer, Novak retired down one set, down 2-0 in the second set.  The extent of the injury is unclear but the word on the street is that Novak was fatigued.  Oh.

I’ve never been a huge Djokovic fan.  While I don’t like or dislike him, he always struck me as not genuine.  I know it’s not fair and I can’t tell you why, he just seems staged.  I could be totally wrong and I hope I am.  Add Andre Agassi to the mix and I feel the level of disingenuousness rises to another level.  Despite all his many generous contributions to charities, I have always felt that Agassi too is a bit fake.  We have had front row seats watching all these tennis greats grow up, and that can’t be easy for them, but unlike Agassi and Djokovic, someone like Roger Federer didn’t really have missteps and speed bumps along the way.  What makes that difference?  Character?  Circumstances?  Good advice?  A great team surrounding you? Maybe some of you reading this feel the same way, or don’t.   I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

Let’s discuss the Women’s Quarterfinals match form yesterday: Simona Halep (2) vs. Johanna Konta (6).  Konta beat Halep in a dramatic 3 set match, complete with two tiebreak sets.  For the first time since 1978 (Virginia Wade), there is a British female player into the semis at Wimbledon.  Virgina was sitting in attendance yesterday and wow, did she look great.

After losing the first set in a tie break, Konta came back to win the second set in yet another tie break.  Halep was serving at 5-4 in the TB and managed to let it get away from her.  The third set was pressure cooker tennis at its best.  There was only break of serve and it went to Konta.  I’ve read a few articles on the match this morning and it seems that journalists are hell bent on pointing out that Halep is a choker.  I’m not having any of that.  Choker?  I didn’t see any evidence of her gagging in any of those sets.  So what she was serving at 5-4, two points away from the match.  Since when, in women’s tennis anyway, is someone serving for the match a true indicator of a win?  It’s not- not even if you’re Serena Williams.  Oh and BTW, the same can be said for the men.  Someone once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”  I for one, didn’t hear any fat lady singing.  Give Simona a break.

Give Konta some credit.  For a girl who couldn’t get a grip on her anxiety, she had surely found a way to manage.  It’s been reported that she went to a sports psychiatrist.  Good for her.

It’s amazing that someone who lost in the second round of Wimbledon now took over the Number One ranking in women’s tennis.  Congratulations Carolina Pliskova.

What happened to Coco Wandeweghe?

How exciting is it that Venus Williams is into the semis?

See you at 7:00 am tomorrow morning!


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