Wimbledon 2017: Round of 16

Wimbledon 2017: Round of 16

Wimbledon 2017: Round of 16

The epic battle between Rafael Nadal and Giles Muller had us all on the edges of our seats.  Finally, after 4 match points, Muller won it on the 5th, 15-13 in the 5th, 5 hours later.  How does Muller bounce back from this marathon match?  We’ll see, but the real question here is not Muller’s recovery, but the delayed match between Novak Djokovic and Mannarino.  As I write this, the two are playing and Djokovic called the doctor, while Mannarino keeps grimacing and grabbing his lower back.  This should be a great match.  Not.  Djokovic in 3 quick ones.

The AELTC made the controversial decision to cancel the Djokovic vs. Adrian Mannarino match and push it to today.  So why is that a bad thing?  Whoever wins the round of 16 now has to play the following day in the quarterfinals, with a lighting quick turnaround.  Many of us (me included) were wondering why the officials didn’t just put the match under the roof on Centre Court.  The club’s response?  Curfew and safety for the fans.  I’m calling B.S.

“Most of these days, she was in tears.” Darren Cahill on Simona Halep in the aftermath of losing to Jelena Ostapenko at the French final.  That’s tough to hear and it makes Simona so human.  Some losses stay with you long after you leave the court, it will be interesting to see how she recovers from letting the French slip away and having the chance to advance at Wimbledon.  Simona sent Leo’s mom home yesterday very decisively.  Her match against Britain’s own will be interesting.

The second Most Amazing Match of the Yesterday was the Angelique Kerber vs. Garbine Muguruza Round of 16.  Kerber was ranked Number 1 at the start of the match.  Many question that ranking as she hasn’t won anything in recent memory.  One needs to remember that it’s not exclusively the wins that contribute to a ranking, but the matches played as well. Be that as it may, Kerber went down in the third set to the hard hitting, relentless Muguruza.

After further review of tapes, police have determined that Venus was in fact not at fault in the car accident that resulted in a man’s fatality.  That was no doubt, a huge burden lifted from her shoulders.  I can’t imagine what that must have felt like.  She is now into the second week of Wimbledon.  She and Coco Wendeweghe are the lone Americans representing.  Woohoo!

You would think that a Stanford grad would know how to subtract single digits numbers in his head and get it right.  Patrick McEnroe did the math while calculating how many more games till the challenges reset, in the 5th set of the Nadal vs. Muller match and he came up with 6 more games.  It was really 4.  He sheepishly and quietly corrected himself a few minutes later.  I’ll give him a pass on English, even though it is his first language, but he continually refuses to use adverbs at all.  English: D-; Math: F.

And if Chris Fowler, not exclusively a tennis analyst can get the Wimbledon lingo right, then so can Patrick McEnroe.  It’s not Court Number One, Patrick, it’s Number One Court.  Get it right.  Jeez, how much are you being paid to butcher the English language, mess up on math and not even know what the courts are called at Wimbledon?  Why of we give him a pass?

Can’t wait for the Men’s matches tomorrow!



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