Wimbledon 2017:  The Finals

Wimbledon 2017: The Finals

Garbine Muguruza is the first woman to beat both Williams sisters in Grand Slam finals.  She is now the 2017 Wimbledon champion.

Muguruza started the match wth a double fault, Venus Williams with an ace.  For those of us who read tea leaves and read too meaning into every day mundane stuff, I thought for sure that was a harbinger of things to come.  Wrong.  After surviving two set points at 4-5 down, Mugurza stormed back and won the next 9 games.  Was Venus out of steam?  Had the two weeks of endless play and the emotional roller coaster she had been on back at home finally caught up to her?  Probably.

Yes, it was hard to watch Venus go down faster than power windows, but aren’t we talking about a 37 year old?  I don’t care how incredibly fit you are.  I don’t care how good you once were, I don’t care how many titles you have and how many finals you’ve reached, anyone who is close to 40, who’s fighting Sjogren’s Syndrome and who’s giving away 14 years, is going to have a tough time. 6-0 in the second showed just how tough. Venus had a great run.  She can now go back home to a clean conscience and peace of mind.  Rock on, Venus.

Firstly, a little housekeeping.  The man’s name is Ra-FAH-el, not Ra-FEE-el (Patrick McEnroe).  You make enough money to hire a linguist.  Hire one.  And an English teacher.  We already know that you need a math teacher.

What bothered me in in the beginning of the finals was the commentators anointing Federer champion before a ball was struck,  Once again, I felt myself (almost) hoping that Marin Cilic would win, if nothing else to shut them all up.

Why oh why was Patrick McEnroe in the booth?  Where was Darren Cahill?  Cahill is a much better commentator.  His voice is evenly modulated, his comments make sense and are not geared for shock value.  He doesn’t need the circus act to garner our attention.  He actually has knowledge, as opposed to shtick.  You’ll never hear him yell, “The dropper!” Plus, he has an adorable accent.


The Duchess of Cambridge wore a simple, white dress with a little black bow on the left shoulder, adorned with little flower appliqués on the skirt.  Gorgeous.

Stefan Edberg still looks as adorable as he did,  if not more so, than he did 20 years ago. What the hell was Mirka Federer wearing?  She sported a bad rip off of a Fontana bridal gown.  What’s up with all that lace?  Once again proving that money can’t buy you style, Mirka should hire her good friend Anna Winter as a fashion consultant.  Her kids, however are so beautiful.

What kind of an asshole says, “Well, that’s an odd way to get the crowd behind you?” One of the McEnroe yahoos said that after we watched Cilic emotionally collapse in his chair on a change over in the second set.  The man was sobbing and it was either John or Patrick that thought he was looking for a way to get the crowd’s sympathy?  The levels of stupidity know no bounds with those two.

Cilic looks like a bad guy from a James Patterson novel.

Cilic suffered an emotional break down, plain and simple.  While I don’t begrudge him his very public falling apart, I don’t EVER want to hear another guy say that women are too emotional and probably shouldn’t play at that level of competition, or worse, get paid the same amount as the men.  We just witnessed a man having a very human moment and he did it in the finals of the most prestigious tournament on the face of this planet and it was witnessed by millions.  Say what you want about the women, you’d be hard pressed to find a similar moment of equal gravity.  Humans are humans.  Emotions don’t discriminate when it comes to gender.

“The way he can handle his wrist.” – John McEnroe after a good sliced backhand by Roger.  Not sure what “handling your wrist” means.

Forget everything I said about age and giving away years.  How about old man Federer?  It’s been how many years and how many titles at Wimbledon?  This man seems ageless.  Maybe it’s his very clean and simple game, or maybe it’s his calm demeanor and sterling attitude that allows him to play seemingly flawless tennis.  Maybe he’s just super human.  or maybe, he’s just Roger Federer, perhaps the Greatest of All Time, if not one of the greatest.  Rock on, Roger.

So now what?  Well, we suffer the Wimbledon hang over and slog through the US hard court season, as we anxiously await the 4th and final slam, the US Open.  Thank you to everyone for commenting on my blogs, for sharing and for calling me out when needed…..you guys make it fun!

See yous all at Flushing!



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